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How To Start A Yarn Store

The ultimate dream of any avid knitter or crocheter is to own his or her own yarn store. What better way to spend your day than to deal with all the newest trends in yarns and to view new patterns that you can add to your growing collection? You can help others find just the perfect yarn for a special project or even find time to work on your own projects when the yarn store is not busy.

A yarn store can be a leased space in a mall or a room in your home. There are no specifications on the size of a yarn store - just that it contains all different types of yarns and patterns as well as needles and other accessories one would need for any project from start to finish.

A yarn store would not just deal with yarns for knitting and crocheting garments and throws. You can also find needlework projects such as plastic canvas and cross-stitch. These projects also require yarn and thread so customers will not come to your store just to buy the yarn if they can get all their supplies at another store. Completed projects with particular yarns also help to sell the yarn. If the customer likes the project you have completed, they will more than likely want to replicate it, often with the same color yarn.

A yarn store can offer classes in various crafts requiring yarn. This type of service draws in more customers and produces more sales, as they will buy the supplies for the classes at your store. You can even have the yarn supplies included in the cost of taking the class.

Having your own yarn store allows you the luxury of trying different brands of yarn and seeing which ones you like best. You can knit or crochet samples to show customers who are wondering what each kind of results they can expect.

If you intend to open a yarn store and make a success of it, it is of vital importance that you know the different qualities of each type of yarn and the projects each one is best suited for. You cannot expect to have repeat customers if you do not know anything about yarn. You have to be knowledgeable about the subject and be able to do at least one or two different crafts that require yarn.

A yarn store requires dedication. It is not the type of store that sells a lot of items quickly. Yarn may be on the shelf for varying times. Just when you decide to discontinue carrying a particular brand of yarn, you may find that it will start to sell. There are some brands that are so expensive, it will be too costly to have an inventory of and others will be in high demand.

Before opening a yarn store, shop around and do surveys to see what the best selling yarn brands are. Start with these and gradually expand to include other lesser-known brands of yarn.

If you knit or crochet a yarn store is also an opportunity for you to sell what you make. Many people shop at yarn stores, not for yarns, but for the handmade products they offer. If you do not own one, many owners accept quality products on consignment. You get paid when the product sells. The pricing is an arrangement made between you and the owner. Either way, you both win.

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