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Yarn shops and yarn stores are basically interchangeable terms for stores that sell yarn, threads and supplies for various craft projects. However, a yarn shop implies that it is a small store, like a boutique, with specialty yarns and products.

A yarn shop does not have to be an actual physical space where you meet and greet the customers. A yarn store can actually be in cyberspace with orders coming through emails or online shopping carts. You may never get to even know the customer's name - just his or her email address.

The traditional yarn shop is a small space in a strip mall or in a small boutique. It gives you a cozy feeling to talk to the owner who is working onsite and is usually quite knowledgeable about every single brand of yarn in the shop. The owner is usually knitting, crocheting or doing some other project with yarn and can offer advice about the best yarns for a certain project.

If you want to knit a sweater, you can choose from fine, double-knitting or chunky yarns for whatever effect you desire. The owner can help you with choosing the correct size knitting needles and the extras such as buttons or zippers and needles for sewing up the finished product.

Crochet yarns and threads are also available at yarn shops for creating intricate designs for doilies, sweaters or afghans. All the supplies you need for the completion of small or large projects are readily available.

Yarn shops often offer an added incentive of classes in different methods of crafts requiring yarns. By enrolling in one of these classes, you learn the basics of the craft from a master at the art. You can ask questions and continue to create more and more challenging projects as you improve at the skill.

Knitted and crocheted articles are often available for purchase at yarn shops. There are sweaters and throws made from yarns available at the shop and are often made by the person who owns the store. Another alternative for owners is to offer handmade products for sale in yarn shops by either hiring knitters and crocheters to do specific projects, or to accept projects on consignment. Consignment means that the person who did the project does not get any pay until the article is sold. The owner profits from this arrangement by adding a percentage on to the price quoted by the maker.

Yarn shops can be found in virtually every city and town, in large malls and small boutiques. Some yarn shops specialize in a certain brand of yarn, but most offer a wide selection of yarns in many different colors. It is often difficult for small yarn shops to compete with the crafts section of large department stores. It is virtually impossible to carry every type and brand name of yarn that customers look for. Generally if you are a repeat customer, the yarn shop will do its best to accommodate your requests.

Many yarn shops also offer mail-order service. You just have to phone in your order and very often you will receive same day delivery. What more can you ask for?

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