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Wholesale yarn is yarn that is sold to wholesalers by the manufacturer. The wholesalers then sell the yarn to retail stores who in turn sell the yarn to their customers. There are numerous yarns on the market in every conceivable color. How do you think retailers know which wholesale yarns to choose for their stores? It isn't possible for each store to carry everything, so how do they make the choice of which yarn to carry and which to leave out?

Chances are retailers attend one or two of the many trade shows offered by distributors to display different yarns and new brands. At these trade shows retailers have a chance to browse the many wholesale yarns available and see and examine the products that have been made from them.

The decisions made by retailers at these trade shows can make or break their businesses. Often retailers who decide not to offer a new brand of wholesale yarn get left behind when these brands become fashionable. Take, for example, the craze for Boa yarn that developed during the last two years. Retailers who did not carry this yarn were left scrambling to find suppliers to satisfy the many customers requesting it.

Novelty yarns have become best sellers as the knitting and crocheting market has once again become fashionable in the garment industry. While traditional yarns and cottons still prevail in the wholesale yarn business, trends for such yarns as Eyelash and Boa yarns are fast developing. This is mainly because these yarns knit up fast, and that is solving a problem for those who like to accessorize their casual and dressy clothes.

Many retail stores in cyberspace offer brand name yarns at wholesale prices. They are able to sell wholesale yarns because they do not have the large overhead associated with having an actual store. They probably do not even stock the yarn, but have them shipped direct from the manufacturer (this is called drop shipping). Cyberstores have the added advantage that they do not need to have many employees or large retail showrooms. This puts the yarn shops at a disadvantage when trying to compete on price.

Yarn stores are beginning to offer classes in new crafts in order to draw in customers for products that cannot be purchased on the Internet. Wholesale yarns are used in such crafts as needle felting, which is completely new. In order to increase sales, retailers offer classes in such things and in turn sell the yarn needed for the craft.

Wholesale yarn can only be bought in bulk. This means that customers have to buy in bundles of 10 or 20 balls. The larger balls containing 1000 grams or more of yarn can be purchased individually. Wholesale yarn appeals to those who do purchase large quantities of yarn for those bigger projects. For example, if you intended to knit an adult sweater using 50g balls of yarn, you would need to purchase at least twenty! Therefore it would be cheaper to buy the yarn wholesale rather than having to buy twenty balls at the regular price.

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