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Trendsetter Yarn

Trendsetter Yarn is owned by Barry Klein, one of the most innovative designers in the industry today. He is constantly on the lookout for European yarn sources to create new yarns that he can use in his designs. Trendsetter yarns are indeed setting a trend in the world of knitting and crocheting.

One of the new yarns available today is named Dune. Dune yarn is especially nice for creating classy garments for evening wear. This Trendsetter yarn consists of a variation of shiny gold fabrics intertwined with yarn. It is available in a variety of colors designed to suit all tastes. Accessories knit or crocheted with Dune are exquisite and show off the coat or dress exceptionally well.

Articles knit or crocheted with Dune must be hand washed in cold water without suing any detergent. Dry cleaning is recommended to achieve the best results. For this reason, it would not be advisable to knit or crochet baby or children's garments from this wool, unless you want a high dry cleaning bill.

Another Trendsetter yarn is called Genie. Genie yarn consists of 60% acrylic, 20% wool, 15% poliamide and 5% metallic. This yarn is knit on large needles - 12 mm. The gauge is 8 stitches to four inches so every 2 rows is an inch of the garment completed. It doesn't take long at all to knit a sweater from this yarn. It looks and feels like fleece, but has a gold trim. Sweaters knit or crocheted from Genie can be worn as coats on cool days. It is also great for making scarves, shawls and purses.

These are just two of the fifty-four different types of yarn that Trendsetter yarn has available. All of these yarns come in various colors designed to create elegant garments and accessories for clothing or the home.

Trendsetter yarn also has a large assortment of patterns available for all its yarns. Knitting a pattern especially designed for the yarn assures the knitter of a designer sweater. The cost of the yarn is higher than ordinary yarns and as such is well-suited to specialty items. It is mostly a novelty yarn and is used for extraordinary projects requiring specialty yarns. A ball of Trendsetter yarn contains about 120 yards in a 20g ball that retails for approximately $6.50. At this price an adult sweater would cost close to $300.00 to knit!

These yarns would not be feasible for knitting or crocheting items for sale at a craft fair or flea market. The cost of making the articles would put the price range well outside the limits of most customers. This is why the yarn is used for mainly designer outfits and accessories.

Trendsetter yarns can be purchased in yarn stores that cater to newer brands of yarn. The local department stores tens to stick with the "tried and true' and very few designer yarns are found there. If you want a specialty yarn your best bet is to search for cyberstores.

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