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Knit With Rowan Yarn

Imagine the admiring glances you will receive as you take your evening walk wearing your new sweater knit with Rowan yarn. This exciting yarn is available in a variety of colors and weights, designed to suit all knitters from the novice to the experienced. This yarn ranges from soft cotton to chunky wool to luxury fibers.

Rowan yarns are manufactured by Rowan, a hand knitting company that specializes in premium knitting yarns and designer patterns. They take particular care that their yarns are of the highest quality and the patterns they design are perfect matches for each of their different varieties.

Rowan yarn can be used for all your outdoor clothing hats, sweaters, shawls, scarves, mittens and even your handbag. Lightweight yarn is an excellent choice for sweaters to suit skirts and slacks for your workday as well as nightlife.

Rowan yarn is available in 50 and 100 gram balls and each type of yarn is designed for different size needles and different knitting or crocheting projects. For example, Rowan cotton fine yarn is designed for knitting on very fine needles to produce a luxury product. Rowan chunky yarn is best suited for heavy style sweaters that can be worn instead of a jacket in cold weather. Chunky Rowan yarn is knit on larger needles and as a result the project can be completed much quicker than one knit from cotton fine yarn.

Imagine knitting for the youngest member of your family with their baby yarns. These yarns are available in all colors designed with the baby of the family in mind. Soft to touch and wear, they are durable and will stand up to repeated washings.

New colors are available from Rowan yarns to suit the changing tastes of individuals. Plaid and denim yarns are now available for those who like a casual look to their sweaters and Aran Rowan yarns are available for those special cabled sweaters. Hooded sweaters for those cool evenings are exquisite when knitted or crocheted with these yarns.

Rowan yarns are used to knit or crochet afghans and blankets that keep you warm as a covering while nestled in your favorite chair to read or watch your favorite television program. Afghans and blankets are especially nice when completed with a variety of matching colors. However, you must use the same type of yarn for each project. For example, you will not achieve a very positive effect by mixing and matching chunky yarns with cotton or fine yarns in the same project.

When choosing a pattern to complete, bring the pattern with you when you purchase the the yarn. In this way, you will be assured of buying the correct amount of yarn needed to complete the project and not have to worry about not being able to get the same dye lot. You will also ensure that the weight of the yarn is the one required for the project.

Products knit or crocheted using Rowan yarns should be hand washed and laid flat to dry. This is normal when dealing with hand knit or crocheted clothing to prevent stretching, shrinking and to preserve the life of the garment. Products made with this yarn will last for years and can be handed down to younger generations.

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