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Red Heart Yarn

Red Heart yarn is manufactured by Coats & Clark - a company specializing in thread and yarn. They have a wide array of colors and weights of yarns to suit any knitting or crocheting pattern.

Red Heart delivers the yarn in various size balls. The size of the ball you purchase depends on the size of your intended project. For example if you were knitting adult size sweaters, the best choice would be the 1000 g. ball. This allows you to knit the entire sweater from one or two balls of yarn without having to match dye lot numbers. It is also cheaper to purchase Red Heart yarn in the larger size balls. This size is also an excellent choice if you intend to do several projects in the same color.

Red Heart yarn is the choice of many who knit for children The sweaters that are knit from this yarn are durable, and do not have to be hand washed or laid flat to dry. They can be put in the washing machine and dryer, though the life of the garment will probably not be as long as the hand washing method.

These yarns are excellent for knitting and crocheting baby clothes as well as clothes for children and adults. The yarns are soft and inviting, available in 4-ply and weight worsted. You can obtain free patterns from the company or can purchase patterns to complete intricate and complicated patterns. Did you know that Red Heart has patterns for knitting and crocheting bikinis?

There are many sub groups within the total range of Red Heart yarns. For example, there are Super Saver yarns that do not have a dye lot, so that you do not have to worry about getting half way through a project and continuing with a yarn that turns out to be a different shade when the project is finished. There are sport weight yarns and very fine yarns for more delicate projects, as well as Aran yarns for that perfect cabled sweater.

Most afghans are knit or crocheted using Red Heart yarn. The double knitting yarn is extremely soft and well suited to the everyday use as an afghan. Afghans are usually thrown over a sofa or chair to be used for covering while reading, napping or watching television. They are sometimes color-coordinated with the colors of the room and are regarded as a necessary accessory for bedrooms, living rooms and family rooms.

Red Heart yarn can also be used to complete projects requiring other brand name yarns. They are similar in weight to most double knitting and baby yarns. The appealing part of using Red Heart yarns to complete patterns supplied by other brand name yarns is that Red Heart is usually cheaper. Mothers welcome the cheaper price of this yarn for knitting or crocheting garments that their children will quickly outgrow.

You can buy Red Heart yarns at the craft section of most local department stores. However, if you do decide to purchase it for your next project, buy enough of it so that you will not have to put the project on hold while waiting to purchase more wool.

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