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Knit in Style With Plymouth Yarn

Plymouth yarn is supplied by the Plymouth Yarn Company. There are 27 yarns containing the Plymouth brand name. Of these, Fantasy Naturale is mercerized cotton designed for crochet projects such as doilies, tablecloths and bedspreads.

Most of the Plymouth yarns contain at least 25% wool and several such as the Galway Highland Heather and Galway are 100% wool. Projects completed with these yarns require specialized washing and drying. They must be hand washed using a detergent for wool and dried by laying them flat. If a sweater or other article made with 100% wool is washed in the washing machine, it will end up being only big enough for a small child. These yarns are the most expensive, which makes it even more important to take special care when washing. Galway Colornep contains 97% wool and 3% polyester, but still has to be handled with care.

The Plymouth yarns that can be machine washed and dried are Dreambaby, Flash, Sausalito, Sunsette, and Wildflower. These yarns do not contain any pure wool. They are perfect for knitting or crocheting apparel for babies and small children that may need frequent washings.

Most varieties come in balls of either 50g or 100g. Outback Wool and Fantasy Naturelle come in skeins. There are 370 yards in a skein of Outback Wool and 140 yards in a skein of Fantasy Naturelle. Yarn that comes in skeins has to be rolled in a ball to make knitting or crocheting easier without having to stop and clear out tangles.

The Yukon yarn is a larger size yarn knit on large needles. It is heavier than the other Plymouth yarns and knits up quickly. The stitch gauge for this yarn is 2 stitches to one inch. This means that two rows of completed work is an inch of the project completed. The balls however are smaller — containing only 59 yards in a 50g ball — so many balls will be needed to complete a project. It also contains mohair and wool, so it must be washed by hand.

Encore from Plymouth yarn is designed for knitting and crocheting sweaters and throws. However, care must be taken because this yarn contains 25% wool, which may shrink if washed in a machine.

Flash yarn is perfect for furry scarves designed to accessorize any coat or dress. The company provides a free pattern for a scarf that you can knit with this yarn. You can find it on the label of the yarn.

Plymouth yarn provides a color chart for all its yarns. It also has a print out of all the yarns with the gauges for knitting and the approximate contents of a ball. By looking at the gauge and the size of the ball, an experienced knitter can determine the types of projects for each kind of yarn. For example, Dreambaby 4 ply has a stitch gauge of 7 sts. to 1 inch on # 3 needles and has 240 yards in a 50g ball. This description tells the knitter that this is a fine yarn knit on very small needles. It is designed for baby clothes, but it can be used for larger garments. If you wanted to knit an adult size sweater with this yarn, be prepared to spend a lot of time and energy as well as buying many balls of yarn.

In addition to its own brand of yarn, the Plymouth Yarn Company also imports yarns from Italy, France and Australia.

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