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Patons Yarn With The Beehive Symbol

Patons yarns are among the best known yarns on the market and are sold worldwide. Patons uses the beehive as a symbol of the yarn and in the patterns. Patterns for Patons yarn display beehives for each pattern they print. Three beehives means that it is a challenging pattern, two means medium and one is easy.

Patons yarn is an excellent quality yarn to which all others try to measure up. The selection of yarn available is mind boggling and that's just the names of the different yarns. When you start to look at colors, the selection and variety of shades seems to be neverending.

The Patons yarn company is constantly adding new yarns to its list. At the same time, some lines are being discontinued. Some of the discontinued lines include Promise - a yarn that gave a furry look to finished projects. It was used only for sweaters and was not conducive to other projects.

Patons double knitting yarns are excellent for producing quality children's and adult's garments. The finished products are durable and are machine washable. However, there are some types of yarn that are 100% pure wool and these have to handled with care.

Afghans and throws, bedspreads and shawls, sweaters, coats, hats, socks and scarves - all can be knit or crocheted from this yarn. The 3-ply fingering yarn is best suited to fine knitting for socks and sweaters, while Chunky yarn is best for heavy sweaters and jackets. Double knitting yarn from can also be used for hats, socks, scarves and afghans. The versatility of the yarn is amazing. While Patons does offer the exchange service it does not guarantee the suggested matches will be 100% perfect. They advise knitters and crocheters to check the gauge required by the pattern they are using.

One exciting thing about Patons yarn is the ability to mix and match. There are many yarns that have the same gauge and therefore a pattern designed for one yarn can be knit with a different type of the same weight. The Paton's web site offers a yarn exchanger that will let you know what yarns are interchangeable.

Patons yarns are available in tweed and denim for fashionable casual wear. Fuzzy yarns are available for boa scarves, muffs and hats. One such example is a yarn called Twister, which is great fro beginners. The yarn has a shaved ribbon effect that covers up mistakes.

Patons also offers patterns designed to teach beginners the basics of both knitting and crocheting with their yarn. Many craft and yarn stores also offer knitting and crocheting classes using this yarn.

Of course Patons yarn is not just for knitting and crocheting. It is an excellent quality yarn for needlepoint and rug making. Its sturdy quality makes it desirable for rugs, as the yarn will stand up to the toughest wear.

This company is constantly coming out with new types of yarn. One exciting new yarn is called Diana. This is a mohair blend yarn that is soft and gently textured. It is available if 12 different floral shades and can be used to create exquisite designs.

Why not try Patons yarn for your next project? You will be amazed with the results.

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