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Noro Yarn

Noro yarn is multicolored yarn manufactured in Japan. All the yarns are dyed and blended prior to spinning to enable color shifts to be made by blending neighboring colors. Noro yarns are like rich oil color paints that create garments with greater texture than ordinary colors.

Some of the yarns from Noro have the different colors spun in a zigzag pattern, while others are variegated to produce different effects. All the colors are chosen from the color wheel and complement each other. The darker colors act as an anchor to hold the lighter colors in balance.

One Noro yarn, called Implession, is designed to be knit on large needles to give the fibers extra room to breathe. It knits up quickly on the recommended needles, but can also produce an exceptional quality garment when knit on smaller size needles. When knit on smaller needles the garment appears to be a firmer fabric.

Noro yarns are different from other multicolored yarns in that the swatches of different shades tend to be in equal concentration throughout the finished product. Multicolored yarns from other manufacturers do not have a consistency in color variation when they are knit.

The presence of silk and mohair in these gives a luminescent effect. The garments appear to glow when held up to the light. The silk in many of the yarns stays perfectly blended and no pilling can be found.

Noro yarns contain a variety of fabrics that are blended in different combinations or used alone. "Big Kureyon" and "Kureyon" are 100% wool, and "Hana Silk" is 100% silk. Other types of Noro yarn contain varying percentages of cotton, silk, rayon, nylon, acrylic, cashmere, camel, angora or lambswool.

Noro yarns are expensive, but produce an exquisite result. If price is not a problem, two different types of Noro yarn can be used to make a garment resulting in a unique blend of fabrics.

An interesting project would be to knit a sweater using a variety of colors. Each color could be used to knit a block, and all the blocks could be sewn together for a unique pattern. Of course, Noro also has patterns for all its yarns and these books can be purchased wherever the yarn is sold. Many other designers, such as Debbie Bliss, have written patterns for use with Noro yarn and sell them along with their own designs. Noro also has sweaters available for customers to actually see what particular yarns are like when knit.

Many of Noro yarns are better suited for accessories, rather than sweaters, because of the bold colors. When used as accessories, items knit from the Noro yarns bring out the beauty of the clothing. Some examples of these yarns are Implession, Silk Garden, Kureyon and Cash Iroha.

Noro yarns that are 100% wool or those that contain a high percentage of wool require special care when washing. The other yarns are machine washable and can be dried in the dryer. These are best for use in garments that will require repeated washings.

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