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Lion Brand Yarn

Lion Brand yarn is manufactured by one of the oldest yarn companies providing quality yarns for knitting and crocheting for over 125 years. This yarn has become a trend setter in the area of materials for handmade products. It was the first company to offer free patterns to its customers and the first to offer blended fiber and novelty yarns at affordable prices. The goal of the company is to produce exciting yarns that will create hand-made heirlooms that will be treasured for generations to come.

Lion Brand yarns are currently available in 40 different types for a wide variety of project ideas. The company has designed a palette of colors from which customers can choose. These color cards are available from the company or at many specialty yarn stores.

The Lion Brand yarns are available in acrylic fibers, natural fiber yarns, double knitting, baby yarns and weight-worsted yarns. Acrylic yarns are man made and come in many different weights, colors and types. These yarns can be machine washed and dried and the colors will still remain vibrant after repeated washings. Some of the natural fiber yarns such as Wool-Ease and Watercolors are machine washable, but the yarns that are listed as 100% wool require delicate hand washing and drying techniques. The danger of putting a 100% wool in the washing machine is that a beautiful and sometimes expensive, hand made, adult garment will be reduced to a size that will only fit a baby.

Some of the Lion Brand yarns come in balls of varying sizes. However, Lion Brand cotton yarn comes in cones that contain more yarn than either balls or skeins. Homespun yarns from come in skeins, which are similar to balls, but are long and thin. The yarn on a skein has to be rolled into a ball by placing the skein around the back of a chair or by enlisting the help of another to hold the skein between both hands. This process is often very tedious and results in tangles if you are not careful. The prices of the Lion Brand yarns are reasonable and comparable with those of other leading yarn manufacturers.

Depending on the project you wish to complete, certain Lion Brand yarns are better suited than others. For example, Fishermen's Wool and Monet Wool are excellent yarns for sweaters and throws, but are also excellent for felting. Fun Fur can be used for crocheting, but you must work lightly and slowly, as the stitches are difficult to see because of the quality of the yarn. Chenille Thick and Quick is not suitable for fringes on sweaters or throws because of the ravelling quality of the yarn. When using homespun yarn for knitting projects, care must be taken not to hold the yarn tightly or the finished result will be bunched in some places and not in others. Finer yarns are better suited for socks, than throws, while chunky yarns are better suited for heavy sweaters.

Whatever your choice of yarn, using Lion Brand yarns assures you of a quality product that you will be proud of.

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