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Fun Fur Yarn

Fun Fur yarn is an eyelash type yarn from Lion Brand. Scarves and hats are very appealing when knit from this soft furry yarn. It can also be used as a trim for slippers and sweaters to create a different effect. Fun fur yarn is available in solid colors as well as variegated colors.

Fun fur yarn is knit on large needles and the furry quality cover up any imperfections in workmanship. This does not mean that you have to rush and do sloppy work, but that this yarn is perfect if you are just learning to knit or are teaching someone to knit.

The large needles required for knitting Fun Fur are perfect for children learning to knit as they are easier for the small hands to manoeuvre. However, the fuzzy quality makes it hard to see the stitches. Even though the patterns for scarves call for a stocking stitch pattern (knit one row, purl one row), garter stitch (Knit all rows) achieves an excellent effect as well. If you want to achieve a curled in effect for a scarf, use the stocking stitch method. If you want a straight scarf, use the garter stitch method.

Free patterns for projects with Fun Fur yarn are provided on the ball label. For a unique scarf, you can combine two different colors yarn and knit them together in the same project.

Projects such as scarves and hats knit from Fun Fur yarn make excellent items for sale at flea markets or craft sales. Those who do not know how to knit are eager to purchase knitted goods and will pay good money for good workmanship. Just imagine making money doing something you love while still enjoying a movie on television.

Experienced knitters can have a conversation with a friend and still knit away. They can create fantastic projects from Fun Fur yarn and still catch up on all the neighbourhood gossip without dropping a stitch.

Fun Fur is a novelty yarn that has taken the knitting industry by storm. Never before have so many people wanted to knit scarves and hats. There are many people who have never before had an interest in knitting, now taking up the craft just because they love the this yarn so much. Women are clambering to have all varieties of colored boas to compliment their outfits.

Fun fur yarn is also available in Christmas metallic colors for decorating ideas for your home or Christmas tree. Furry decorations made from the metallic fun fur yarn enhance the lights on any tree, whether they are colored or white. Furry knit decorations hanging from your archway will delight the youngest members of your family.

The only drawback to the Fun Fur yarn is the price. It retails for about $4.50 - $5.00 per ball. This is expensive when compared with other brands on the market, but the quality received is worth the extra price. Many times you can find the best deals on the Internet.

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