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Eyelash Yarn

Eyelash yarn is manufactured by different yarn companies and sold under varying brand names. Eyelash yarn has a shaved ribbon effect. The yarn itself is very fine and gives the impression that it would be knit on small needles. However, the shaved ribbon lets you knit this yarn on large needles and the project can be completed very quickly.

The eyelash yarn is best suited for hats and scarves, although vests and sweaters can be knit up as well. The yarn is extremely soft and wears well. It is a perfect choice for the beginning knitter as mistakes are easily covered up with the furry feature of the yarn.

Just about all yarn manufacturers sell a type of eyelash yarn: Bernat has Eye Lash and Boa, Lion Brand has Fun Fur, and Patons has Twister, just to name a few of the better known brand names.

The soft furry feel of eyelash yarn for a scarf can't be matched by any other yarn. They are not abrasive or harsh if they need to be placed around the face to protect it from the wind or blowing snow. The yarns are of various variegated colors designed to accessorize any outerwear. For example, the black, gray and white mixtures go well with any other colors of clothing.

Scarves and boas knit from eyelash yarn can be used as accessories for dresses, blouses and sweaters. A throw knit from eyelash yarn would be a cozy covering while curled up in front of the television or a fireplace.

The hats knit with with this type of yarn are very eye catching and appeal to children as outerwear for cold weather, Children who hate to wear hats actually beg for head coverings from eyelash yarn.

Not only can hats be knit with this yarn, but also headbands are especially pretty and keep the ears warm on those long winter walks. One ball of eyelash yarn is sufficient for a headband, while two balls are needed for a long scarf. A bow-tie scarf only needs one ball of yarn to complete the entire project. A short scarf or headband only takes an hour to complete and the yarn only costs about $2.00 per 50g ball. Vests require more yarn and take a few hours longer to knit.

Imagine the ease of providing stocking stuffers or small Christmas gifts for everyone on your list with head coverings knit from eyelash yarn. They are excellent items to knit quickly when you discover that you have forgotten someone and need a gift in a hurry, but don't have time to go shopping.

Eyelash yarn is so easy to knit with, you can watch your favorite soap opera and still get your knitting done. Free patterns for hats, scarves and vests are provided on the label of each ball, so you don't have to spend hours searching pattern books and leaflets to find a project suited for the yarn.

Why not make your next scarf or hat an exquisite one using eyelash yarn.

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