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Discount Yarn

The term "discount yarn" typically refers to yarn of various brand names that is available at reduced prices. They are not yarns that are inappropriate for use in knitting sweaters or other hand made clothing. The discount yarns are quality yarns - just at a cheaper price.

Discount yarn is offered to customers for various reasons. One of the most common reasons is that the manufacturer is discontinuing certain lines of yarns and threads. If you are purchasing a one that has been discounted in price because of this reason it is most important that you purchase enough or even more than you need for a particular project. If you run out of it before you get the project completed, you will not be able to purchase what you need to finish.

Discount yarn can also be purchased at end of season sales. Winter is the main season for selling yarns for knitting and crocheting heavy garments. Many stores tend to try to sell off their overstock to make way for other materials that sell better during the spring and summer months.

Many stores buy up overstocked yarn from the manufacturer at very low prices. They remove the labels and sell the yarns in bundles of 5 or 10 balls. You do not know what brand of yarn you are buying with this method, but if you are familiar with the weight size of yarn, you can get really good bargains with discount yarn packaged in this way. However, you should beware of buying yarn without labels. You do not have any way to check that all the balls are actually of the same dye lot. You could end up knitting or crocheting a garment that is of two or three different shades!

Some yarns are sold at a discount because they are not big sellers. This does not mean there is something wrong with the it. It more than likely means that the majority of customers are not familiar with the yarn or do not have any use for the projects that it can be used for. Buying this kind of discount yarn can open up a whole new area of craft production for those who make and sell crafts made with yarn.

Sometimes yarn stores just want to reduce their inventory and offer big discounts on different products. This is especially true just before income tax time. Store owners don't want to spend a lot of time counting balls of yarn or pay extra to have it done. It may be cheaper for the store to liquidate the yarn at a greatly reduced price, thus helping their customers. You may buy a new variety that you haven't used before and be really excited by the result you achieve. You will undoubtedly return to that store for more yarn the next time you are beginning a project.

Discount yarn is an affordable way to have an expensive garment or throw. Others may be amazed that you are wearing a sweater made from expensive yarn and you don't have to tell them that you got it at half the original cost or less. Before jumping at the chance to buy discount yarn, check out the prices at other stores. You may not be getting a bargain at all, if the particular store offering the special had overpriced it in the beginning. There's no fun in buying what you thought was a good bargain, only to find it cheaper at another store for the regular price.

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