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Blissful Knitting With Debbie Bliss

Debbie Bliss yarn is the creation of Debbie Bliss, a world-class designer of knitwear for children and adults. She has created fantastic blends of yarn combining wool, silk and cotton. Debbie Bliss yarn is a specialty yarn made up mostly of merino wool.

An exception to the others containing merino wool is the cotton silk Aran that is 80% cotton and 20% silk Aran. In February a new yarn was released called Cotton Angora, a blend of 80% cotton and 20% angora mix. This Debbie Bliss yarn is soft and light and drapes beautifully in both knit and crocheted garments. The yarn is accompanied by a pattern book containing 12 beautiful designs.

Merino yarn comes from merino sheep that are bred for their high quality wool. Due to the natural crimp in the fleece, merino yarn has a resilient characteristic that will enhance any knitting or crocheting project. The natural elasticity of the Debbie Bliss yarn containing merino wool makes the projects durable and strong. Hand-knitted garments using these yarns will wear well, hold their shape and keep you warm in cold weather. The yarn is soft and fine and is well suited for throws, sweaters, vests, hats, scarves, shawls, mittens and baby apparel.

Debbie Bliss yarns are available in many different types and each type is available in anywhere from 16 to 26 different shades. Because the yarns contain pure wool, they require hand washing in cold water. Dry cleaning is the best method for garments made from these yarns. The Merino double knitting yarn for sweaters is machine washable, but only in cold water and without detergent.

Cashmerino is another new yarn available from this line of yarns. It combines merino and cashmere yarns without the cost of cashmere attached. It knits up beautifully either in stocking stitch or intricate Aran cables. It is soft and durable and available in tasteful and sophisticated colors.

Debbie Bliss personally tests all the yarns by knitting garments with them. She attends knitting classes and speaks to knitters about the yarn creation process. When she attends a speaking engagement, she always brings samples of items knit from her own yarns. She holds knitting classes that are always full to capacity, but those who are lucky enough to get into one of her classes can be assured of learning how to knit from the very best. The only problem for North American knitters is that they would have to travel to Britain to attend one of these classes!

Debbie has published over 20 pattern books each with 15 to 20 patterns for knitting with Debbie Bliss yarns. These books are sold wherever the yarn is sold. If you can't find Debbie Bliss yarn at your local yarn store, try the Internet. Virtually every yarn store on the Internet carries her products. Color charts are also available to allow you to choose the exact color you want for that special project. Bliss is the word to describe the feeling you get when knitting with these yarns. Debbie Bliss yarns create elegant garments for every occasion in your life.

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