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Crystal Palace Yarn: Fit For Royalty

Crystal Place yarn offers a wide assortment of yarn textures to choose from. These yarns are suitable for either knitting or crocheting for all sorts of projects from baby clothes to accessories for the home. Crystal Place yarns range from very fine textures to bulky yarns that are knit on large needles.

Crystal Palace Yarns is the wholesale division of Straw Into Gold from Richmond California. It sells its yarns to retailers only. It is widely known for its bamboo knitting needles and only entered the yarn and wool market in 2002.

Crystal Palace yarns are usually sold in large bag lots and some of the yarns are available in cones. This assures the knitter of having enough yarn of the same color dye lot to complete the project. Some yarns come on hanks that the customer can dye to whatever color they wish. These yarns are:
  • Labrador
  • Iceland
  • Mikado Ribbon
  • Sierra Wool (Aran weight)
  • Whisper (eyelash type yarn)
Some of the Crystal Palace yarns are 100% wool, while others are 100% polyester. The type of project determines whether or not you should use 100% pure wool. If it is a garment that will require frequent washings, then pure wool is not a good choice. Pure wool must either be hand washed or dry-cleaned. 100% polyester yarns can be machine washed and dried without having to worry about shrinkage of the garment.

A pure wool - Merino Frappe - knits up easily and is thick and durable even though it has a loose and felted look. It is actually made from three multi-stranded strands of merino and stronger nylon fibers that are loosely spun together and brushed. The firm core of this Crystal Place yarn keeps the stitches tight and although the fuzz on the yarn doesn't quite conceal the stitches it does have an attractive blurred effect, similar to a felted effect.

Crystal palace yarns can be used for felting as well. The Labrador yarn is especially good for felting projects. Felted projects are actually knitted projects that are washed and dried to mat the yarn together giving a shrinkage effect. One way to felt Crystal Palace yarns is to put the knitted item in the washing machine with a small load of bath towels. If the effect is not exactly right, they can then be placed in the dryer and taken out when the towels are half dried.

Crystal Place yarn can be used to knit slipper socks. They are made from Iceland yarn and are quick to knit. A trim around the ankle using Splash gives a fuzzy effect for the top of the sock. They are warm and comfortable and are durable for long-lasting wear.

Some of these yarns can be combined to make a novelty yarn. Chenille and Waikiki can be combined to create a great yarn for knitting a sweater. Crystal Place yarns are a bit more expensive than regular yarns, but the result of a creation from these yarns is well worth the extra cost.

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