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Caron Yarn

Caron yarn is manufactured by Caron Yarn Company in Washington, North Carolina. The types of yarn are double knitting weight worsted yarns that are excellent materials for any knitting or crocheting project. The yarn is also available in Christmas colors for stocking sweaters, decorations, dishcloths or whatever else you might want to make to decorate your home.

In 2003, Caron International bought a company that specialized in producing knitting machines. Customers can now purchase knitting machines and accessories as well as the yarn needed for any project. Caron also has the technology on site to test its yarns and complete projects to demonstrate the exceptional quality articles that can be made from Caron yarn.

The main products of Caron Yarn are Wintuk, Sayelle and Cuddlesoft yarns that knit or crochet beautiful and exquisite sweaters and other garments for children and adults. The yarns and kits from Caron International have been customer favourites for many years. They offer value-priced yarns, extra soft yarns and new fashions. Caron yarns are known for their quality, value and vibrant colors.

Ombre yarn is available for those special projects where you just can't decide on one color. Several different colors blended together give a pleasing effect for throws, afghans, sweater, hats, scarves or other items. This yarn is 100% acrylic and any garments made from this yarn are completely machine washable.

Caron yarn also has latch-hook kits with all the yarn needed to hook a rug included in the package. Various designs are available for rugs for beginners. Once you master the art of rug making, you can start designing your own. Choosing from the vast array of shades available, you can be assured of a lifetime of hooking without using up all of the colors. Latch hook kits are available to suit the children on your list - Disney, Winnie the Pooh, the Lion King, Scooby-Doo, Looney-Toons, NASCAR and Sesame Street.

Caron yarn also supplies craftspeople who love to cross-stitch. Kits and threads are readily available to suit any project, big or small. They have kits for cross stitch such as Elmo's Smile, Scooby Doo and many other cartoon characters for the younger generation, Sentimental kits are also available. They also supplies crochet cotton for those dainty doilies or exquisite bedspreads and tablecloths.

Caron yarn has kept its place in the eyes of the average working person with reasonably priced yarns. Buying a ball of this yarn and then deciding not to use it does not cause regret over wasted money. It can be used for so many different types of projects that if you don't use it immediately, you will always find a use for it.

Caron yarn called Aunt Lydia's Rug yarn is a popular choice in classrooms for projects because of its strength. Many students use yarn for projects in school and even for measurement in Math. It's so versatile it should be on the list for essential household items.

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