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Berroco Yarn

Imagine knitting your next sweater from a ribbon yarn from Berroco yarn. Berroco yarn offers new and exciting lines of yarn from all over the world.

Berroco yarn is the largest importer and wholesaler of knitting yarns in the United States. The yarns are imported from the following countries:
  • United Kingdom
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • New Zealand
  • Japan
  • Brazil
  • Uruguay
Knitters all over the world are clambering to buy the latest yarn designs to knit all kinds of items using these yarns. Berroco yarn can be used for sweaters, hats, scarves, vests, purses, afghans and throws and baby apparel.

For those people who have a sensitivity to wool, Berroco yarns has just introduced its "Softy" yarn that is made in Italy. This yarn is completely synthetic, but still retains the softness and warmth of regular yarn. It is chenille-like combined with an eyelash effect that will result in an exquisite product. It is perfect for baby clothes that are soft and cuddly. It can even be used in combination with other Berroco yarns such as Optik, Crystal FX, Quest and Sizzle.

Berroco yarns offer Glace yarn that is 100% ribbon for your next project. It is perfect for any garment, but is best suited for purses as accessories for your casual or eveningwear. Suede yarn is 100% nylon and is an excellent choice for sweaters and other garments, especially slippers.

Denim silk yarn from Berroco allows you to create exciting projects for casual wear. For those office days where you are allowed to wear jeans to work, you can appear dressy with a sweater knit from Denim silk. No one will even notice the jeans as they admire the sweater. Denim silk yarn is 20% silk and 80% rayon, so it is perfect for the office and is not too warm to be worn indoors. Denim Silk is knit on 4mm needles which is the same size used for other double-knitting yarns.

Zen yarn is made up of 60% nylon and 40% cotton, which makes it a perfect choice for those who are allergic to wool products. Of course for those who like woollen products, Berroco yarn has "Wendy Velvet Touch" consisting of lambs wool and angora for the soft touch. Sweaters or garments knit from this yarn have to be either hand washed in cold water or dry cleaned. Another yarn containing pure wool is "O2" which is made up of 50% merino wool.

Each year Berroco yarns adds new colors to existing yarns, while at the same time introducing new yarns to the market. All of the Softy yarns are variations of the same color, while other yarns are available in many vibrant colors. Patterns are available for all of the Berroco yarns through cyberstores or your favourite yarn shop.

As with other yarns, ensure that you purchase enough of the same dye lot of Berroco yarn to complete the project. When you have to purchase additional balls, you may not get exactly the same shade. This is not noticeable when you are knitting, but looms up in the finished product.

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