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Bernat Yarn

Bernat yarn is the choice of many knitters and crocheters when they want to work on a handmade project whether it is a baby, child or adult sweater or a throw for their favorite chair. Products made from Bernat yarn are machine washable and can be dried in the dryer. They are durable enough for even the liveliest child.

Bernat yarn is available in varying weight sizes for many different styles of garments. The newest yarn from Bernat is Boa that is designed for all knitters from the beginner to the experienced. Bernat provides free patterns for scarves, hats and vests that can be knit or crocheted using Boa yarn. The wool is fringed with 1 inch eyelash effects that covers up all the knitting mistakes you might make. The beginning knitter can produce exquisite and impressive scarves and hats that enhance all styles of coats and jackets. There are also two other types of fashion yarns available from Bernat — Frenzy and Ping Pong.

Another popular Bernat yarn is the Big Value weight worsted yarn. This yarn is perfect for sweaters for everyone on your list. Products made from this yarn do not need to be hand washed or dried flat. As with any garment made from wool, the garments made from Bernat yarn will stretch if hung to dry.

Very fine baby yarns are available for delicate creations for the baby in your family. These yarns are soft to touch and wear and come in a wide variety of colors and shades.

Bernat yarns are also available for the sweaters and garments for cold weather. They come in two weights — Chunky and Bulky. Bulky is designed for coat sweaters, while chunky is designed for sweaters that can be worn as coats in cool weather. Bulky yarn from Bernat can also be used to hook rugs.

There are actually five classifications for Bernat yarns - Fingering, Sport Weight, Worsted Weight, Chunky Weight and Bulky Weight. Fingering yarn is also called baby yarn and is used for baby clothes, socks and other delicate items. Sport Weight yarn is a medium weight yarn, a bit thicker than baby yarn, yet finer than double knitting. It is used for baby clothes as well, but is a popular choice for sweaters and throws. Worsted weight (double knitting) is the most popular of the Bernat yarns for sweaters, afghans, pillows and other craft projects. Chunky weight yarn is heavier than weight worsted and is used for hats, scarves, sweaters and afghans. The Bulky yarn is the thickest of all - twice the size of weight worsted. It is knit on large needles and knits up quickly to make really heavy garments.

Cotton yarns from Bernat are perfect for knitting or crocheting dishcloths and tea towels that you can actually use or hang for a decorative effect. A ball of cotton yarn is enough to knit or crochet 1 1/2 dishcloths or one tea towel and only costs $1.99. What an inexpensive gift!

Bernat yarns are reasonably priced, ranging from $1.99 for a 50-gram ball of cotton to $5.69 for a 50-gram ball of Bulky yarn. The best thing about Bernat yarns, other than the price, is that the label on each ball of wool contains a free pattern designed especially for that wool.

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